A complete Language Service

From file submission to file delivery, we cover the complete translation cycle. We will analyse your project in detail, we will engage with you to understand exactly what you need and provide you with the right service: translators, interpreters, technology, delivery, consultation.

Everybody in our team, from the senior management and sales representatives to the project and vendor managers, come from the industry. We know. Your projects will be processed using leading industry tools like SDL Trados, Across, Transit, Passolo, XBench.

We can guarantee consistency across all your documents, automatic glossary creation and terminology management, and substantial savings on repeated content.

Everything will be backed up and saved in our powerful proprietary CRM. It keeps track of all your jobs and client history. A real time capsule, you can go back in time and retrieve any translated materials. You can also track your requests online, via our client web portal. You can keep control of your orders in an easy and transparent way.

Industry Specific

No more generic translation. Every translation is specialised. Our qualified linguists will make them both industry and market specific. Your target audiences and end clients will notice the difference.

Full Coverage

  • Specialised translations
  • Sworn translations
  • Interpreting
  • Text adaptation
  • Cultural and linguistic consultancy and review
  • Expert reports
  • Stylistic and typographical checks
  • Term databases & glossaries
  • CAT tool analyses
  • Localization
  • DTP & document design
  • File preparation and workflow automation

Fields of Expertise

Two decades in the market is a fairly long time, long enough to build up expert knowledge and experience in the most demanding fields.




One of the most demanding fields in our industry, and the first one we specialised in. Our world ticks on patents. We are the patent experts.


Legal & Financial

Antitrust, arbitration, bankruptcy, intellectual property, litigation, mergers and acquisitions, real estate, annual reports, fund reports, consumer banking, risk management… If it is legal or financial, don’t worry. We’ll translate it.


Technology & Manufacturing

Every piece must be right, every piece must fit in. And every word too, like clockwork.  Disruptive technology needs to be accurately translated. Manufactured translations, crafted to perfection.


Life Sciences & Pharmaceutical

Clinical trial protocols, medical devices, pharmaceutical reports and studies, patient information, regulatory texts and INDs, IMPDs, CTAs, NDAs, ANDAs, NDSs, MAAs... just some acronyms we deal with everyday.


Marketing & Market Research

We can make your campaign globally understood: multilingual translation and cultural consultancy. Make sure you get your message across. If you are doing market research, get your surveys right. You are as good as the data you collect, and translate.


Transcreation & Localisation

Don’t just translate it, transcreate it! We can adapt your brand, your content and your webpage to specific target markets and audiences. That is transcreation and localisation.